Siduri Press

Siduri Press is a small publisher located on Canada’s beautiful West Coast. We publish humane, fun, and serious books and poetry and stories for young readers of all ages.

You may notice the website is still under construction. Please bear with us as we get this engine of creativity turning!

Fresh from the Press

Cedar Island Dreams is a middle-school illustrated chapter-book that follows Anforth the raccoon and his friends Flutesam the otter and Crow the crow on a series of adventures as they stumble upon something the long-lost humans left behind, which is also something a gang of pirate wolves have their eye on…

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Ham is a re-imagining of one of the strangest Arthurian romances for the modern day. Rollicking, ribald, and other things starting with “R”, it’s a fun, serious, goofy, and profound miscellany that includes vignettes ranging from Chaucerian to Tolkeinesque, and maybe even a little rock’n’roll.


Although our product is local, our market is the world. We aim to spread our Enlightenment values of optimism, inquiry, and wonder to as wide an audience as possible.

We celebrate our common humanity and individual uniqueness.