Inner Islands Trilogy

The Inner Islands Trilogy (available worldwide via Amazon!) tells the story of a far-future Earth where humans long ago made many of the animals intelligent… and then went away, leaving behind a world with scattered remnants of human cities and machines, and creatures of various kinds living more-or-less harmoniously in villages and larger towns. It is aimed at middle-grade readers but can be enjoyed by young minds of all ages.

In Cedar Island Dreams, Anforth the raccoon and his friends Flutesam the otter and Crow–as they are sometimes known–the crow find a map after Anforth accidentally gets marooned on Cedar Island, which is part of the Inner Islands Archipelago off the west coast of North America.

The map shows the location of something special, something the humans may have left behind! Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones after it, as pirate wolves from the mainland have captured a crew of racoon sailors have found a map of their own.

Anforth and his friends will have to learn to sail, and fight, and stand up for each other and what they believe in.

A Knock at the Door continues the story as they sail to the mainland with their new friend Ru-Shi the raccoon, and visit the Drowned City and the islands of the north, and have new adventures under the sea and high up in the air as they begin to think there might still be humans in the world.

Finally, in Where the Humans Went–which is coming in early 2021–they learn the secret of their past, and something of humanity’s future.