Who doesn’t want a Medieval romance updated and re-imagined in modern English verse?

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Ham is just that!

Our most recent book, Cedar Island Dreams, is the first of a trillogy that explores the Gulf Islands in the far future when humanity has vanished and a variety of animals live through more adventures than they are entirely happy with. The second book is coming soon! In the meantime, we a couple of free stories from past experiments for you to enjoy while you wait!

  • Cindy Loo started as an accidental, improvisational collaboration between Hilary Farmer and TJ Radcliffe and morphed into a strange little story of a girl who grew up to be bad and learned to be good. Or at least better. We like to say it was “Inspired by the Doctor” but it’s not clear if “the Doctor” is Seuss, or Who, or someone else entirely. Enjoy!
  • Songs of Albion was a more deliberate collaboration to create a web-friendly, illustrated, serial novella set in an alternative history where Sir Francis Drake really did discover Vancouver Island two hundred years before Vancouver… but it’s not the Vancouver Island we know. The poet Christopher Marlowe–recently deceased–has been dragged along on an expedition of error and discovery, and finds himself navigating dark waters of love and war amidst the Fae folk beyond the Straits of Anian.

And Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Ham is just waiting for you to enjoy!

Watch this space for our upcoming young readers illustrated extravaganza Cedar Island Dreams!